Hello, this page is to give you a brief 'heads up' and information to help you to make the decision about taking on a plot and what size or not. A whole plot will take a fair amount of regular time and effort throughout the year.  In winter, it's primarily maintenance, repairs, root veg and planning.  So, allow a few hours a week. The spring is when everything kicks off!  Not only will you have all those seeds to sow and ground to prepare but you'll have to start finalising your plans for what to grow and where. I find that a few, three hour stints each week should do it but more won't hurt.  The summer will be when you start reaping your rewards.  The hard work doesn't stop, you'll just see how worthwhile it all is.  Again, a few hours at a time will work through the week, but if you're lucky you may be able to get a bit of help with all that picking! Come late summer/early autumn you can start to shut your plot down and put it to bed for the coming winter.  Having said that, it all depends on how and what you're growing. Many of our plot holders keep something cropping all year whereas some (me included) are inclined not to grow many crops through the winter because the days are too short to fit in with our busy schedules. That’s when ground cover comes into it’s own to help save some of the hard work in spring when the ground needs digging and weeding and everything starts all over again! A half plot will still require regular time and effort, but obviously a lot less overall than for a whole plot so a good choice for beginners and those with less available time. The usual plot sizes are whole and half, but occasionally we can provide a quarter plot.  Ideal for those who are less able physically or can’t commit to anything larger. Rents and membership for the allotment year 1.10.2020 to 30.9.2021: Full rents: Whole plot: £60.00; Half plot: £35.00; Quarter plot: £20.00 Concessionary rents: Whole plot: £56.00; Half plot: £33.00; Quarter plot: £19.00 Concessionary rent qualification: Age 65+, or on means-tested benefits. The above rents include one £5.00 Society membership fee.  Each plot holder shown on their tenancy agreement must be a member, so if there are two people on the agreement then two lots of £5.00 membership fees have to be paid. Membership includes entitlement to vote at Society meetings. Site gate key:  £5.00 Ladies’ toilet key:  £5.00 Just remember, you only get out what you put in so try to take into account what experience and time you have.  Plot size availability isn't guaranteed but you can always see about changing it next year so try to be flexible. You'll also be asked to sign a Tenancy Agreement; (view a specimen via the link button on this page). So, now you've had a think about what you want and what you're able to realistically take on,  here's how to do it:- Contact :- Plot secretary – John Burt Telephone Number: 020 8501 2542 or print off and complete an Application Form and post it to.... NNR Plot Secretary, c/o 31b Tomswood Hill, Barkingside, Ilford, Essex IG6 2HL or bring it in to the trading hut on a Sunday morning. 10 – 12. You can also contact Brian Watkins for the day to day running of the site:- Mobile Number:  07518 837621 Or Sam Swanborough for anything else. Good Luck and we hope to see you soon!
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