Whats going on

WHAT’S GOING ON? Hello Plot Holders! We hope that you have enjoyed this year as much as we have.  Everyone has been working hard to keep their plots cultivated and footpaths in good repair and the whole site is looking better for it.  Well done!  Keep up the good work! There have been many work parties throughout the year keeping the parts of the site that aren’t actually rented plots, in good shape.  Many of you have joined in and your help is greatly appreciated.  With the members of the committee getting a bit older, we may need to call on you more regularly so please don’t be offended when you get an email. Site checks are something that we do throughout the year so let us know of any difficulties you are having as early as possible.  We can take the situation into account before discussing any short-comings and any necessary action. Don't forget, Brian Watkins (plots 19 & 20) is the chap you need to speak to concerning the day to day running of the site.  What trees can you plant? (only certain types of root stock are allowed). How do I get something delivered to my plot?  What happens if...? etc.  And water leaks!  We really need to know when they occur as soon as possible as our supply is metered and we get charged for every drop! The committee members (all voluntary and plot holders just like you) are there to help keep you on the straight and narrow.  Well worth a chat if you're not too sure about something. At the moment we have a small team of volunteers who do a great job trying to keep things running smoothly, but we do need more!  Not just with the day to day maintenance of the site but helping to unload the deliveries when we have them.  So, if you're interested in helping with anything, no matter how small, please pass your telephone number on to one of the lads, in the shop on Sundays or when you renew your tenancy.  Obviously, you can't always be there but once in a while would be lovely.  As part of your membership in addition to payment of rent you may be asked to join the site committee and/or assist with other site duties.  Your committee members aren’t getting any younger but the work to maintain the site, as our Lease with the Council requires, still needs to be done so your help is needed. Keep an eye out for new notices and signs throughout the year as it's information you need to know
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