Whats going on

WHAT’S GOING ON? Hello Plot Holders! This year has been difficult for so many of us on so many levels and yet, most of us have been able to enjoy our plots and the produce that we have grown.  Some have been coming to the site early in the morning or late in the evening to help them with their shielding and we’ve even met some of you in the car park to access the shop at those times as well.  Many have made the most of the extra time not working has given them, to come to the site and spend longer on their plots.  All your hard work and efforts have paid off and the site is looking good.  The allotment site has been seen as a relatively safe place to escape to and relax in such stressful times.  The coming year will also be difficult for some but hopefully we will all manage to enjoy our little bit of space and grow our crops and remain fit and well.  For so many of us the allotment is somewhere to enjoy some peace and quiet so we are not only endeavouring to maintain our physical well-being but also our mental state.  We want all of our plot holders to have that opportunity so don’t forget that we still have to maintain 2m social distancing.  Wear masks when you come into the shop.  Be mindful of yourself and others.  We will get through this together. This year, there have been very few work parties and they have been very limited in who could participate and what we were able to achieve.  Still, we have managed to keep the memorial garden looking good and with your help, the site is looking pretty good.  Most of you have even kept your footpaths in good shape, so well done!  As you know, we’ve not made any site checks this year due to the pandemic but it will be us for some time so we need to return to our previous practices.  So, during the winter months we hope that you will endeavour to keep your plots cleared, covered and generally made ready for the coming spring.  By March, depending on the weather, we will begin making site inspections.  By the end of March, again depending on the weather, we will hope to see signs of you preparing your plots for cultivation.  Some of you may need a nudge to get moving while some of you will be in full flow and know exactly what you want to grow, when and where to put it.  We will be there to help you if we can but we can’t do it for you. Don't forget, Brian Watkins (plots 19 & 20B) is the chap you need to speak to concerning the day to day running of the site.  What trees can you plant? (only certain types of root stock are allowed). How do I get something delivered to my plot?  What happens if...? etc.  And water leaks!  We really need to know when they occur as soon as possible as our supply is metered and we get charged for every drop! The committee members (all voluntary and plot holders just like you) are there to help keep you on the straight and narrow.  Well worth a chat if you're not too sure about something. At the moment we have a small team of volunteers who do a great job trying to keep things running smoothly, but we do need more!  Not just with the day to day maintenance of the site but helping to unload the deliveries when we have them.  So, if you're interested in helping with anything, no matter how small, please pass your telephone number on to one of the lads, in the shop on Sundays or just drop us an email.  Obviously, you can't always be there but once in a while would be lovely.  As part of your membership in addition to payment of rent you may be asked to join the site committee and/or assist with other site duties.  Your committee members aren’t getting any younger but the work to maintain the site, as our Lease with the Council requires, still needs to be done so your help is needed. Keep an eye out for new notices and signs throughout the year as it's information you need to know  
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