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Welcome to our site!

We've been here since 1923 and a lot has changed in that time.  From plot holders to crops to the weather, everything is different.  The only thing that hasn't changed is our passion for growing something! We are a totally self-supporting 'friendly society' which means we have to pay for everything ourselves and do everything ourselves.  We get no government funding and to keep our rents low our plot holders maintain the site themselves without using outside contractors as far as possible.  Everything from cutting the grass on the main paths and mending water leaks to cleaning the loos. There is always more than enough work to go around so we now ask plot holders to help out as a requirement of their tenancy. There's a car park (although it does fill up on those sunny mornings) which makes loading and unloading much easier than parking in a side street.   A bus stop is right outside which operates for the 247 and 150 buses. Hainault train station is just a few hundred metres up the road. We have a trading hut which opens on Sunday mornings, 10 – 12.  However, if a key-holder is here and you want something that we have, you can buy it!  As you can see, we're now attempting to enter the world of cyber space, albeit for information only.  I hope that you have a look around and we will look forward to seeing you in the flesh!
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